The clinic

notre vision :

A stimulating medical practice in a multidisciplinary, healthy and pleasant work environment located in the heart of nature.

notre mission :

The Clinique médicale des Collines is a place where the population can receive accessible and quality healthcare services in a healthy and innovative environment, and where the promotion of health and a healthy lifestyle are paramount through the proper use of resources.

nos valeurs :

Values supported by the clinic are collaboration, interdisciplinarity, ethics, competence, integrity, respect and confidentiality.


A clinic that is +social, + ecological and +efficient

Concerned about the well-being of our patients, our employees and the environment, our clinic demonstrates its commitment these by having become the first eco-friendly ClinicTM in Quebec.

This approach has four key parts: social involvement, responsible procurement, waste reduction and sustainable building.

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Our team is made up of competent and dynamic health professionals who care about your well-being.
Dre Valérie Joannisse
Medical Director

Dr. Valérie Joannisse is the owner and medical director, as well as the physician in charge of the GMF (Groupe de médecins de famille). She is also responsible for protecting personal information.

Dre Stéphanie Archambault-Léger
Family Doctor
Dre Ombawo Wenanu
Family Doctor
Dr Christian-Charles Woumeni-Siyam
Family Doctor
Emma Brodeur
Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care
Isabelle Desbiens-Huot
Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care
Heidi Michaud
Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care
Francis Hupé
Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care
Julie Latour

Julie Latour is manager and coordinator of the GMF (Groupe de médecins de famille). She is also the person delegated to protect personal information.